Monthly Archives: October 2022


Gold Micron at Micronora fair for Symétrie

SYMETRIE received the Gold Micron in the “Microtechnical equipment on production or laboratory machines” category at Micronora exhibition on September 27, 2022 in Besancon, France, for its MAUKA hexapod, an innovative low-profile positioning system.   The Gold Microns and Nano competition rewards the most innovative products, presented for the...


PUNA hexapod – simple and affordable

Do you want to realize a positioning application that requires the highest precision, involves movements with several degrees of freedom and at the same time should not exceed the available budget? It does not matter whether you are active in research or industry. The PUNA hexapod is a simple...


BORA hexapod – high resolution with small size

Is your work area ever upside down? No problem for our BORA Hexapod! It can be operated in any orientation, whether upside down, vertical or horizontal. Our BORA Hexapod is a very compact parallel kinematic system with 6 degrees of freedom and is perfectly suited for positioning and adjusting...