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You need higher accuracy?

Our suppliers are among the world’s leading companies when it comes to precision.

  • Air Bearings
  • Mechanical Bearings
  • Vacuum or Cryo
  • Piezo/Nano-Positioning
Cross Tables
  • air-lubricated bearing
  • multi-axis systems
  • direct drive with linear motors
  • can be protected from the penetration of dirt and dust
  • suitable for high-speed applications
  • adapted as integrated devices into your control system or fitted with an internal control system
Linear axis
  • air-lubricated bearing
  • friction-free and stick-slip-free movement
  • high precision
  • very high repeat accuracy and synchronism
  • can be supplied with guide track coverings
  • can also be operated as Z-axes
Air bearing round tables
  • available as round tables without motors and measuring systems (passive round tables)
  • available as direct drive round tables with integrated motor and measuring system (active round tables)
  • Highly precise axes have concentricity errors up to 50 nm radial and up to 20 nm axial
  • suitable for chip removal operations
basic air bearings, Pads
  • Linear systems can be efficiently and economically assembled with basic air bearings (air bearing pads)
  • standard air bearings with diameters of 20 mm to 500 mm
  • load-bearing capacity of up to 100 kN
  • air bearings with integrated suction for cleanroom or vacuum applications available
  • rectangular air bearings, high-speed bearings and vacuum preloaded air bearings available
air bearing spindles
  • High-precision and high-speed air bearing spindles
  • for mechanical processing or scanning
coplanar passive systems and strocke cylinder
  • permit movement with several degrees of freedom
  • can be clamped by switching off the supply air
  • serve to transport thin substrates such as wafers, glass sheets and metal sheet
  • operate friction-free, without stick-slip
  • ideal for weight compensation in Z-axes
Rotating unions
  • designed for the transition of vaccum or air in rotating systems
  • no friction because of air bearing technology
  • no breakaway torque, no stick-slip effect
  • maintenance-free
  • high operational life time
  • combination of media can be chosen freely
  • even suitable for higher rpm
Translation stages
  • Travel range up to 2800mm
  • 2.5 μm resolution or higher
  • X-Y-Z configurations available
  • High guide ways accuracy
  • Vacuum versions available
Direct-drive motor stages
  • Travel range up to 300mm x 300mm
  • Accuracy up to ±0.5μm
  • High loads up to 150kg
  • Bidirectional repeatability up to ±0.5μm
Vertical translation stages
  • Loads up to 8kg
  • Travel range up to 25mm
  • Repeatability ≤ 3μm
  • Vacuum versions available
Rotation stages
  • With or without aperture
  • High load up to 1000kg
  •  Smooth operations
  •  Travel range ±2.5°
  •  Superb stability
  •  Stackable (1 or 2 axes of rotation)
motorized iris diaphragms
  • Various aperture range
  • Smooth and fast operation
  • Compact design
Screws and actuators
  • Travel range up to 25mm
  • High load up to 70N
  • Vacuum versions available
custom systems
Motion controller
  • One controller, one interface for any type of motor (Bipolar Stepper, DC, BLDC)
  • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Linux, Mac OS
  • Max. speed – 35000 steps/s (stepper); 800000 encoder counts per second (DC)
  • Code Examples for Visual Basic, C, C#, C++, Matlab, Labview, Python
  • Vacuum 10-6 mbar, bake out at 80°C
  • High Vacuum 10-7 mbar, bake out at 100°C
  • Ultra High Vacuum 10-9 mbar, bake out at 110°C
  • Ultra High Vacuum Special
    10-10 mbar, bake out at 200°C
  • Standard 77°K
  • Vacuum compatible
  • R & D 4°K
Piezo Actuators and Stages
Piezosysteme Jena PXY 200 Family
Positioning Tools
Piezosysteme Jena Mipos 400 Family
Fiber Switches
Piezosysteme Jena Fiber Switches Family
Special Solutions
Piezosysteme Jena PZS 2 Family
Piezosysteme Jena d Drive EDS EVD System Family