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SYMETRIE MAUKA hexapod gold micron at micronora

Simply the Best! Gold Micron at Micronora fair for Symétrie

SYMETRIE received the Gold Micron at Micronora fair on September 27, 2022 in Besancon, France. The MAUKA Hexapod was honored in the category “Microtechnical equipment for production or laboratory machines”. It is an innovative, flat positioning system.

The Gold Microns and Nano competition honors the most innovative products presented for the first time at Micronora. This is the most important trade fair for microtechnology and precision in Europe.

The trophy was awarded to the two co-founders of SYMETRIE, Olivier Lapierre, President, and Thierry Roux, CTO, by Jean Verillac, Director of Business and Engineering at Banque Populaire de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, official partner of the Gold Microns and Nano competition.

Olivier Lapierre explained: “We are very honored to receive this award because it is a recognition of the quality of our products. These are the result of the work and perseverance of all our employees.”
The MAUKA Hexapod carries loads of up to 5 kg. The resolution is of 0.5 μm in translation and 5 μrad in rotation. This allows to position precisely in the six degrees of freedom. Its small footprint of 107 mm makes it ideal for applications such as telescopes or optical instruments that require a small coverage.
To minimize the diameter, a hexaglide architecture was used. In contrast to a classic Stewart platform hexapod, the motors are mounted in series.