Fotolia Laser Party

Specialist for Laser Photonics & Nanotechnology

Scanning Probe Microscope

SpectraView 2500

customized SPM solution that's right for your research
  • Ultra-low noise SPM
  • Colocalized nanochemical analysis by IR, THz, Raman, AFM
  • Cantilever probes are completely transparent
  • Versatile configurations: Kelvin Probe chemical potential, electrical, thermal and photon force


MultiView 4000

Nanonics Scanning Probe Microscopy SPM MultiView 4000
  • Multiprobe operation: up to 4 probes operate simultaneously or independently
  • Ideal for nanoscale transport, optical, pump-probe and read-write experiment

MultiView 2000

Nanonics SPM MultiView 2000
  • Offers both tips and sample scanning
  • Tuning fork feedback (beam bounce optional)
  • NSOM / AFM Raman / TERS


Nanonics Probes and Fibers
  • Custom made probes for Nanonics MultiView Systems