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Specialist for Laser Photonics & Nanotechnology

DYNEOS has been a distributor for numerous manufacturers in the fields of micro- and nanopositioning, lasers, interferometry, spectroscopy and photonics since 2002.

Experienced physicists and engineers are on hand to help you select the optimum solution. We work very closely with our suppliers to find specific solutions for our customers requirements (OEM applications, custom-made products).

Our suppliers

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Positioning Hexapods

Bora hexapod

Motion Hexapods


Symetrie HexaSYM Software

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Cross-table multi-axis systems

Kreuztische Mehrachssysteme

Linear axis

Luftlagerlinearachse EZ-2542

Air bearing round tables

Luftlagerrundtisch EZ-0675

Air bearing spindles

Luftlager Schleifspindel EZ-1250

Basic air bearings,
Air bearing pads

Luftlagerpads EZ-0053

Coplanar systems air bearing pistons

Koplanare Systeme Luftlagerkolben

Rotation unions

Drehdurchfuehrung EZ-3500

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Piezo Actuators and Stages

Piezosysteme Jena PXY 200 Family

Positioning Tools

Piezosysteme Jena Mipos 400 Family

Fiber Switches

Piezosysteme Jena Fiber Switches Family

Special Solutions

Piezosysteme Jena PZS 2 Family


Piezosysteme Jena d Drive EDS EVD System Family

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SIOS Laserinterferometer

Multibeam calibration interferometers

SIOS calibration interferometer

Laser Vibrometers

SIOS laser vibrometer

Stabilized Helium Neon Lasers

SIOS stabilized HeNe Lasers

Precision Climate Measuring Station

SIOS Klimamessstation LCS

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Green high power CW DPSS Lasers

Lighthouse Photonics green highpower CW DPSS Lasers Sprout G

Single frequency DPSS Lasers

Lighthouse Photonics single frequency DPSS Lasers Sprout Solo

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Q-switched Lasers

QLInstruments Q-Tune

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DUV Raman Spectrometers

Photon Systems Deep UV Raman Spectrometer PL200

DUV Lasers

Photon Systems Deep UV Lasers

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Industrial Laser Micromachining System

Akoneer 600

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Nanonics Scanning Probe Microscopy SPM MultiView 4000

Probes & Fibers

Nanonics Probes and Fibers

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VacuumFAB Microswitch Cryo




VacuumFAB AntRail


VacuumFAB SilverBullet

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BeagleOptics bgLAB

Beam Expander

BeagleOptics Beam Expander

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Multifunction measurement tool

Red Pitaya SIGNALlab 250-12

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