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Delighted to introduce our Planar XY Linear Stage now

Direct Drive Planar XY Linear Stage (Translation Stage) of series 8MTL120XY are based on pair of 3 phase ironless linear brushless servo motor technology and allow user to reach zero backlash motion with high accuracy, repeatability and low friction. As a feedback system, a linear non-contact optical encoder guarantees direct control of position with sub-nanometer resolution of motion.

The translation stages of series 8MTL120XY are also available for clean rooms and vacuum. On request, also higher vacuum can be achieved and additional requirement of cleanliness can be supported on demand too.

Motion control of 8MTL120XY series translation stages is available with Standa or ACS motion Controllers & Drivers in exposed or housed configurations.

For industry applications 8MTL120XY stages are supplied mounted on standard optical table or extremely flat granite plate fully sealed from spray and dust to ensure performance of kinematic pairs.


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