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Month: February 2022

  • Delighted to introduce our Planar XY Linear Stage now

    Direct Drive Planar XY Linear Stage (Translation Stage) of series 8MTL120XY are based on pair of 3 phase ironless linear brushless servo motor technology and allow user to reach zero backlash motion with high accuracy, repeatability and low friction. As a feedback system, a linear non-contact optical encoder guarantees direct control of position with sub-nanometer…

  • People love our Long-travel Motorized Linear Stage

    Long-travel Motorized Linear Stage 8MT195 series stages are designed to provide high speed movement. Used standard motors allow moving loads up to 40 kg but load capacity can be increased using more powerful motors. Moderate resolution and accuracy can be reached. Resolution and speed of 8MT195 series stages can be varied choosing appropriate ball screw…

  • High precision thickness measurements using tactile probes

    High precision thickness measurements using tactile probes

    Our partner SIOS Messtechnik GmbH is announcing a new webinar Date: 08. March 2022Time: 08:30 CET or 15:30 CET The general trend towards precision, miniaturization and automation in industry and research places high demands on precision measuring systems. These should accurately measure the geometric dimensions of objects. The webinar “High precision thickness measurements using tactile…