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pulseCheck NX – A Generational Change in Laser Pulse Duration Measurement

New autocorrelator pulseCheck NX A.P.E Berlin has improved its pulseCheck and with pulseCheck NX created a product that enables better and more powerful autocorrelation measurements in every respect. The new NX generation offers integrated and fast data evaluation performance and the external controller is a thing of the past....


Pulse Check Type 2 – High Dynamic Range Autocorrelator

  • 14. August 2019
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High Dynamic Range Autocorrelator for High Contrast Pulse Characterization High contrast measurements with the Autocorrelator pulseCheck Type 2 High Contrast provide information about how far in time and intensity the main pulse is accompanied by pre-pulses, post-pulses and pedestals. With a high contrast ratio of up to 80 dB,...


Mini TPA

Tuning-free compact autocorrelator (compact size and exchangeable optics) The Mini TPA by APE is the perfect combination of tuning-free autocorrelation measurement, compact size and high sensitivity. Conventionally, autocorrelators used to split an optical pulse into two replicas and recombine them for the Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) in a nonlinear...