Integrated Multi-Axis System X-417

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XY(Z) Positioning System with Controller

The integrated multi-axis system X-417 is a solution for industrial applications with high demands on dynamics and precision. XY or XYZ systems with suitable ACS high-performance controller from PI are available. The base system is an XY system made of two V-417 high-load linear stages with linear motor and absolute-measuring linear encoder. Combinations of several travel range variants are available: from 204 to 407 mm.
Optional, the integrated multi-axis system (XY) X-417 are also available with a granite plate. With the XYZ systems, an L-412 high-load linear stage with 102 mm travel range, synchronous servo motor, and holding brake is used as Z axis.

For the XYZ systems, a granite plate is used as base; the adapter bracket for fastening the Z axis to the granite base is included in the scope of the delivery for this systems.


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