High Dynamics Voice Coil Tip/Tilt Platform V-931

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V-931 High Dynamics Voice Coil Tip/Tilt Platform is launched!

It is PI’s first voice coil tip/tilt platform. Tip/Tilt Platforms move in two degrees of freedom: A axis (Rotation in X) & B axis (Rotation in Y). V-931 is available intended for OEMs at high quantities with a minimum quantity of 5 units.

WHY a Tip Tilt Platform with Voice Coils?

There is a growing market interest towards voice coil based tip/tilt platforms. V-931 fits into trending applications within the Photonics Market Segment. It also fits in selected applications of Industrial Automation and Microscopy. Voice coil motors are direct drives. In direct drives, the force of the drive element is transmitted directly to the load to be moved without the use of mechanical transmission elements such as coupling, drive screw, or gearhead.

High dynamics multi-axis operation due to parallel kinematics

In a parallel-kinematic multi-axis system, all actuators act on a common platform. The minimum mass inertia and the identical design of all axes allow fast, dynamic, and nevertheless precision motion.

V-931 Datasheet