BeamPro SWIR

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Laser beam profilers family is expanding

We are glad to announce the family expansion of Femto Easy BeamPro SWIR InGaAs laser beam profilers.

Beam profiles in the SWIR wavelength range (Short Wave Infrared) with high sensitivity at low noise are available with our InGaAs-based BeamPro SWIR beam profilers. InGaAs-based sensors allow to characterize lasers in the SWIR wavelength range, from 900 to 1700 nm. These beam profilers are frequently used for tunable laser applications, Raman, 3-Photon microscopy, as well as for 1550 nm, the most widely used wavelength in optical telecom communication. They have an integrated thermo-electric cooling (TEC) to improve sensitivity in low power applications.

Key features

  • InGaAs sensor
  • Wavelength range: 900 – 1700 nm
  • Resolution from 320×256 to 1280×1024
  • Compact design
  • User-friendly and powerful software
  • C-mount
  • Additional ND filters
  • High Dynamic Range (120dB)
  • Trigger


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