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Double-Sided Fiber Alignment System

F-712.HA2 – A High-Precision Double-Sided Fiber Alignment System System with 6 Degrees of Freedom for Aligning Fibers and Optical Components Fast and high-precision drives The basis of the fiber alignment system is a very stiff setup with an H-811 hexapod and an P-616NanoCubeĀ® nanopositioner. A parallel-kinematic design for motion...


Pulse Check Type 2 – High Dynamic Range Autocorrelator

  • 14. August 2019
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High Dynamic Range Autocorrelator for High Contrast Pulse Characterization High contrast measurements with the Autocorrelator pulseCheck Type 2 High Contrast provide information about how far in time and intensity the main pulse is accompanied by pre-pulses, post-pulses and pedestals. With a high contrast ratio of up to 80 dB,...